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"Spend each day trying to be a little wiser than you were when you woke up. Day by day, and at the end of the day-if you live long enough-like most people, you will get out of life what you deserve" - Charles T. Munger

My name is Veroshan. Over the years I have developed a natural curiosity for business, finance and economics (and the lessons that follow). Whilst I certainly don't profess to be an expert on the subject matter, I enjoy learning new things each day and look forward to sharing my thoughts with you along the journey, however helpful they may be.

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The Pariah Story

How it started

The story of Pariah began in 2017 when I picked up a copy of the Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, and subsequently was introduced to the wisdom of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. It fundamentally challenged how I thought about investing and business and helped to shape my worldview. I have been on a path to consume more knowledge ever since! 

A brief introduction: I am a Melbourne native, born and bred, with Sri Lankan heritage. I am a corporate M&A lawyer by profession, a long-time Carlton supporter (don't hold it against me) and a cricket fan (a cricket purist if you will - no T20!). 

What is Pariah: Pariah is simply a forum over which I can share my thoughts. I figured if anyone was going to read my mad ramblings, it would at least help to stress test any ideas I had or conclusions I had drawn. 

This blog will predominantly cover business, finance and economics, hopefully in a format that can be easily digested. Whilst I will freely share my views, please do not consider it financial advice or investment advice. It is simply my take on the lay of the land. 

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